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The purpose of this discussion is to provide our clients with a concise overview of colon irrigation. This straightforward presentation will help you better understand why and how colonics are beneficial. The information and procedures indicated are based upon the research and the personal and professional experiences of Colon Hydrotherapist. They are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or other health care provider.



Colon Hydro therapy is a purely physical process, a steady flow of water in and out of the colon. This process achieves an inner environment resembling a gently flowing stream as opposed to a stagnant pool. Why is there a need to assist the normal colon flow with colon therapy? This is because most diets consist of highly refined and processed foods which have a tendency to "slow the flow." More specifically, our poor eating habits lead to a colon that cannot possibly be efficient for the following reasons:

1. Impacted fecal matter hardens on the walls of the colon leaving only a narrow opening for body waste to pass through.

2. The absence of contractions or stimulation to the colon's natural muscle action (peristaltic wave action) further impedes the ability of the colon to evacuate its waste.

3. Damage to the inner lining of the intestine (mucosa), compromises its ability to absorb nutrients. You can spend a fortune on vitamins, herbs and organic foods, but the impaired mucus lining will prevent them from being completely assimilated.

4. Putrefactive bacterium in the colon produces toxins. Toxins are then absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver, causing a slow poisoning to the entire system. Antigens and toxins from bowel bacteria may play a major role in the development of serious ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

5. A stagnant colon sustains an environment favorable to parasites.

On the other hand, when your colon is healthy, you will have two well-formed bowel movements a day. Every morning you will have a huge movement that should all together be 2 to 4 feet long, amber in color, soft but firm with little or no odor. The stool should also float in water. Later on in the day you'll have another movement that should be about half the size of the first. These stools should be expelled effortlessly within seconds after you sit down.

For our bodies to mimic the gently flowing stream, another crucial factor is transit time - the time that elapses between eating a food and the elimination of its waste products. Transit time in a healthy colon should be 18-24 hours. Harmful toxins can form after this period. It should be remembered that the number of bowel movements had in a day is not an indicator of transit time. For instance, the 2 or 3 bowel movements that are produced on Friday may be the product of the previous Monday's meal, a transit time of 120 hours. When the trip takes that long, it is not likely that all fecal matter was successfully evacuated. Remnants collect and harden on the walls of the colon, perhaps remaining stagnant there for years, even as autopsies reveal.


As colon therapist, our first objective is to get things moving. Each therapy session addresses a different section of the colon. Waste is first evacuated from the rectum, then the sigmoid flexure, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon and finally the cecum. With each visit warm water is administered to soften the stool and dislodge hard impacted fecal matter from the walls of the colon. Thereafter, cooler water, with hand massage, stimulates the colon to release its contents.

It is important to continue this series so that water eventually soaks the cecum area - the most distant segment of the colon. Here we find the largest accumulations of toxins and poisons. Some doctors believe that a single teaspoon of poison from this area, if ingested, would cause death. The gentle stir of water literally sweeps away toxins, poisons and bad bacteria. Through a special viewing glass the therapist observes toxins as a bright yellow substance, whereas the poisons of the cecum appear very dark and muddy. The client is also aware of this special evacuation from the cecum, in that waste matter feels very warm, almost hot, as it moves out of the body.

Once the cecum has been flushed several times, we now concentrate on restoring peristaltic wave action. This is done by introducing friendly bacteria into the bowel. Our objective during this phase of therapy is to restore the bowels normal pH level so that the colon is slightly acidic. Once the colon is cleansed, this can easily be achieved with the use of supplements. Generally, worms and parasites are unable to live in this balanced healthy environment primarily because of the slightly acidic pH level. As they vacate the colon during the final stages of the series, it is not unusual for the therapist to witness their departure through the viewing glass. Interestingly, some may be microscopic while others are as large as the thumb and several inches long! Finally a simple test is recommended to determine whether optimum transit time has been attained.

When the colon is properly cleansed and restored, spaces are created into which other organs can dispose of their residue. The liver, bloodstream and lymph all begin to do this, because now there is an open pathway for proper elimination through the colon. By treating the colon we subsequently treat the whole person.


Though individual hydro therapy sessions have their benefits, it should be understood that session held in succession have a cumulative effect towards improved health. For these reasons we generally recommend at least one session a week until our objectives are realized. Thereafter, good colon health can be maintained with a good diet. Unless we are addressing a specific colon disease or condition, a series of 15 sessions will generally restore good colon health. Maximum results are reached by supplementing this program with proper diet, exercise and rest.

We encourage our clients to progress at the rate they are most comfortable with. Good results can be achieved whether therapy is pursued aggressively or at more of a casual pace. Being consistent is the key. Our clinic recommends taking control of your own health, which includes using good judgment and common sense.

Colon Hydro Therapy is not a cure all, but we do view it as a most worthy consideration. We are confident that you will share our views after experiencing the benefits of colon irrigation therapy. After all, it just makes sense. Since the colon is the body's receptacle for sewage disposal, it is either a gently flowing stream or a stagnant cesspool. Which? This is for you to determine.