Quite impressed with what you do!

Never felt better!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Amazing colon hydrotherapy services!

I was out visiting a friend. I’m from chicago. I honestly enjoyed the owner and the experience. I suffer from anxiety and Marie calmed me considerably during the process and I’m so thankful I found her. I’ll be returning on my next visit. 💋 Nina Williams

There are many reasons people get colonics treatments.  For me, it is medically necessary.  I suffer from Lyme Disease, which leaves me with slow transit colon (lazy colon).  That being the case, it is very important to find somebody who is not only certified in colon hydrotherapy, but also understands how the human body functions.
Mrs. Marie Carole Alphonse is an RN and a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and I am soooooo happy I found her!!!  She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul! When I met her for the first time, I instantly connected and felt like I have known her all of my life.  The biggest bonus of all is she knows all about Lyme Disease!!


See you in a couple of weeks.
Pandora Nomikos.

I had a hydrotherapy  session with RN Marie on Saturday.  I had always wanted to try it but was concerned about going to a very competent, caring facility and was worried about the procedure and quite frankly being exposed.   I found it with Ms. Marie.  Guys - don't worry about a thing other than improving you health.  Go for it - don't make any more excuses.
I saw the reviews for Marie.  I can tell you as a 61 year old male I was a little skeptical but it was a very good experience.  Not only does Marie provide the hydrotherapy session she spends a great amount of time discussing diet, lifestyle change, how the hydrotherapy can improve your outlook, etc. in an unhurried environment.  The facility is VERY professional.
I'll be going back - give yourself a break and help your colon health to commit to a better lifestyle in the future.  The price is very reasonable.
It worked.  I went and purchase baby spinach, baby carrots, and cucumbers and will incorporate those into my diet.  I slept great the night after, and had less bloating and more energy right after the session.   Thanks, Marie!
Guys - go for it as it was a very good experience with Ms. Marie.  You'll be glad you did  - I can promise.

I have had four colonic hydrotherapy sessions with Ms. Marie.  She is  absolutely wonderful.  Very sweet and made the whole experience as pleasant as it could possibly be.  I was impressed with of her knowledge and the follow up literature she provided me that was specific to my issues. I have never felt healthier my stomach is finally feeling normal, my skin is so clear and I am truly more active and energetic than I have been in years.  The colon hydrotherapy procedure was surprisingly very discreet and due to the healthy benefits, I have now made colonic therapy part of my routine.  Ms. Marie is kind, very knowledgeable and she truly takes care of her clients.  Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to visit the center - you will not regret it!
Cindy Williams.

Ms. Marie is wonderful!  I was apprehensive, skeptical and nervous going in but Ms. Marie's warmth put me at ease. Her facility is a calming and relaxing environment.  She is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about her business.  I left feeling lighter and less bloated. I'm looking forward to my next visit.  Thank you Ms. Marie.
Teresita Edwards.

I am so glad I found Marie!  I had the most wonderful experience.  She made me feel so comfortable and she is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and caring. I read the reviews prior to going and thought it was too good to be true but it wasn't.  Every  review was completely accurate and if I could give her 6 stars I would!  It was truly a life changing experience that I would absolutely recommend.  I felt energized and less bloated immediately after the session and she shared her tips for a healthier lifestyle.  Make your appointment today!!
Rhonda Oliver.

Highly recommend!!! A friend suggested this place to me, and I was skeptical at first since I had never done something like this, but I sucked it up and went anyways. When I arrived, the owner/operator Mrs. Marie, was very helpful and comforting. After spending a few minutes there, I felt at ease and any concerns or fears disappeared. Once everything was said and done, I could immediately feel the results of the treatment. Needless to say, I slept like a baby that night and will definitely be returning for follow-up visits.
Anthony Archuleta.

It is more than a pleasure to recommend Mrs. Marie's services to anyone serious about improving their health; it's an honor.  Notwithstanding, the fringe benefit of losing a little weight, you will receive enthusiastic, professional care that is straightforward.  The name Holistic says it all.  Our creator has provided one body for us to experience life on this planet.  It is an awesome temple, treat it with respect and care.  Mrs. Marie will help you respect the privilege of health which is as everyone knows--the first wealth!
Truly Thankful,

I'm feeling unbelievable!! I went to my first session ever feeling tired and without energy.  Afterwards its like comparing night and day.  I know that Marie can help me get back on track.
I just had my fourth session.  The difference in the way I feel from  session one to now is incredible.  It's like Marie helped me to re-set my energy.  A month ago I had absolutely no energy and I was constantly tired.  Now, doing yard work or completing chores is no problem whatsoever.  I know its a process and that is working for me.  Each day I feel more energized and enjoy more exercise and activities.  I have Marie to thank for guiding me to renewed health.  I fully intend to continue on this journey...
Heather Evelyn.

I've been going here for over 2 years and love it. She is professional, personable and Mrs. Marie goes over everything with you. The 60-minutes is wonderful, private and relaxing. There are normally not a lot of people waiting when I’m there and one reason why enjoy going to Mrs. Marie. This is not a regular appointment so privacy is key for me. If you have never had a colon hydrotherapy, please try it and you will feel 100% better. I’m mindful of all the heavy foods and meats I eat before and after my appointment. This is a small business with a wonderful owner.

What a wonderful lady! My experience was positive and I felt so much better afterwards! She was very knowledgeable and asked a lot of questions.  If you are reading this, please give it a try!
April Harris.

I am from South Carolina and I am so happy my friend recommended that I go to Marie's Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center.  I have always wanted to get a colonic done, however for various reasons like there was not a location close to where I live, taking time out to research and make it happen, and because I regularly did enemas, I thought I was cleansing my body good enough.  My experience at the center was like no other! The center is beautiful, very, very clean, smell wonderful, and the atmosphere is tranquil.  Marie is very professional, polite, nice, knowledge, and is genuinely concern about the health and well being of her clients.  She goes the extra mile to ensure your sessions are a great experience.  I've had 3 sessions completed and 2 more to go before returning to South Carolina.  I plan to return to Marie's center each month to continue receive sessions and eventually twice a year.  I know I will not receive the care at any other center that I receive at Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center.  So I am willing to drive from South Carolina to receive Marie's service.  And she has taught me how to care for myself and my health.  I was so please with her service that I plan to travel with other friends from South Carolina to get more sessions. This is something everyone should do to improve the body so why not go to the best! Thank you Marie for making my experience at your center the best ever and starting me on making my body healthier.  Oh and I've lost weight too....

OMG...This was a great experience.  I was a bit reluctant to do the colonic cleansing, but as soon as I entered the facility I felt relaxed.  Outside of being extremely professional, Marie Alfonse is a very kind and patient nurse.  She walked me through the entire process, answered all of my questions, and thoroughly explained the procedure.  I felt like she was sincerely concerned about helping me to improve my health.  I will definitely be returning.
There was no pain involved and Marie was right there with me to minimize any discomfort.
Her clinic is very clean, private, and the pleasing ambiance helps you to relax.
When I had an appointment in the past with another clinic, I felt very uncomfortable and never returned.  I highly recommend the Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center.  Please check out her website.
Gigi Green.

This was my first time having colon hydrotherapy and I must say that I was nervous in the beginning. Marie took the time to really help me feel more comfortable about the process and understand it as well. Her knowledge and willingness to teach me about all aspects of the procedure made me feel prepared and calmed me completely. The inviting atmosphere and serene private room really allowed me to feel as if I was in my own spa. Marie's professionalism and amazing personality contributed to me not feeling embarrassed about wanting the procedure and excited about the results.
I had the colon hydrotherapy on Thursday (8/17) and I feel amazing! I have lost 5lbs and the energy that I have is nothing but astounding. I found it much easier to continue eating clean and make better decisions after the procedure as well. If your reading this review, because you have heard about the treatment and can't decide if you should do it or not, I will certainly recommend doing it at Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center for the best experience.
Edward B.

Excellent Service -- thanks to my Hubby for Finding Ms. Marie
I was ecstatic with Ms. Marie's professionalism and knowledge within her field of expertise.   She took the time to listen to me and thoroughly analysis the cleansing process.  She made me feel very comfortable and provided overall excellent health advice.  Based upon her advice, I have "finally listened" and is adhering to what I am supposed to eat and NOT eat to maintain a HEALTHY lifestyle!!  The atmosphere is very calming,comfortable and clean which makes an extreme difference.  I have had serious bowel issues for well over 15 years.  Medications for pain and continuous reoccuring issues was becoming very frustrating for me.  It was time to do something and get better without continuously feeling pain/bloating and being sluggish all the time from the impacted waste.  I have gone through the sessions and am now beginning the maintenance phase losing pounds and getting a flatter stomach.  My sessions have left me with a brand new attitude of eating better and feeling better with a lot more energy.
Regina Mike.

Having a colonic is a very intimate experience and the practitioner you work with is of paramount importance! Marie is highly skilled, professional and caring and makes something that could be uncomfortable a pleasant experience. Her clinic is beautiful and you feel very comfortable with her.
I highly recommend Marie and will continue to see her to keep my colon clean!!
Laura Muchmore.

I went to Marie a year ago with bathroom issues. She thoroughly explained the hydrotherapy process to me. The sessions worked very well and bring you back to a level playing field. She is consummate professional that works hard at helping people with issues that people rarely like to discuss. It helps people and I can attest to that.
Tim B.

First let me say, I would have never considered doing this however I was encouraged by a friend to go because  I was having some health issues.
My experience at the Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center was nothing less than fantastic.  The ambience was wonderful.  The private room, soft lights and peaceful music takes away all of your anxieties.  The owner is very intuitive and spends quality time with her clients prior to the hydrotherapy.  My initial experience, included a private consultation and the hydrotherapy.  The owner, who is a medical professional was wonderful, knowledgeable and thorough.  This is a great small business.  I am a proponent of supporting small businesses.  The excellence provided at this location was superb.  I highly recommend.   Call NOW!!!
Tammi Lambert.



The atmosphere is very relaxing, Ms. Marie was very kind and helpful when it came to giving instruction on how to insert the small tube which is the size of a number 2 pencil up my rectum. And how to be relaxed during the cleansing process. I was very surprised the amount of waste that came out of me. After the process was done I felt great. I recommend that all men should have this done to help with colon health. It's a very relaxing experience. -
Gregory Bell

She is very friendly and great customer service. Prices are good as well. will definitely be coming back!
Jennifer Allou

Mrs. Marie is a registered nurse and highly educated in hydrotherapy colonics. She walked me through the entire process and her spirit is phenomenal. I left with a renewed mind and body.
- Donna Banks Tucker

I began receiving treatments about 18 months ago. It is truly an effective form of detox that leaves you feeling MUCH better afterwards.
- Kendra Ellis Myers

So, this was my first time ever getting this done and I was extremely nervous and a little excited at the same time. Ms. Marie explained the entire process to include visual aids. The process took about an hr. and the set-up area was nice, clean and very welcoming. I would definitely recommend Ms. Marie to anyone and I'll go back again.
RT Trana

There are not enough stars on this page to tell you how great Mrs. Marie is with her passion of educating and making lives healthier. To all the men out there put aside the manly pride and get your colon cleaned. I saw stuff coming out of me that scared the hell out of me. No wonder I felt like crap. This is the place you need to go and be seen and educated by a woman who loves what she does and not there just to take your money and send you on your way!!!!! All the stars in the galaxy need to be on here for her rating!!!!!!
Anthony Chef Beverley

My first encounter with Ms. Marie was absolutely fantastic!!! She is a true professional and knows her stuff! She walked me thru every step and put me at ease with her pleasant demeanor. She was passionate and concerned with my well being, my eating habits and gave me many tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after my visit. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has digestive issues which can include gas and bloating. I will be back to see her to complete a series that will only lead to better overall health. She is a true Gem!!
Alveratte Yvette Pile

First of all, she makes the experience amazing. She took all the embarrassment and anxiety out of the session from me and gave me lots of hugs and encouragement. I called her the day before desperate for an appointment because I was feeling so terrible. She got me on that next morning and worked with me for over two hours. She kept reassuring me throughout the process.
Listen folks, if you are having constipation and tummy troubles go see her. I can't promise that your first session won't be a little bit uncomfortable, but I can reassure you that you will have a great coach along the way.
The facility itself is extremely clean which was one of my initial worries about hydrotherapy. The room that I was in was spacious and had everything I could need and more. My recommendation is to bring a book or some good reading material. I'm a cold natured person and she seem to pick up on that really quickly and provided me with a warm pair of socks. She also gave me a lovely blanket and a heating pad with some essential oil's.
I recommend that you go and at least give it a shot. It's worth every penny especially if you aren't feeling well.
Desiree Harden

My husband and I both came to Ms. Marie b/c I saw a YouTube video of the procedure and searched for one in my area. To my surprise she is only a few miles from me. However, I was more impressed by her Google star ratings of 5 Stars! Let me tell you, she deserves them all. The atmosphere feels so relaxing, cozy and inviting. She is very professional, informative, knowledgeable and all around caring. I recommend her especially for your first experience but even after for your subsequent visits. It's hard not to love her.
We received the Super Cleanse. I was all too happy to rid my body of all those toxins, after the holidays and before family vacation next week. After my experience in her home, I know I prefer this environment over a cold business office. My husband and I received customized services for each of our own personal needs. He was also very impressed with her services and the experience and will share with his male friends. We'll be back again soon.
Kimberly Kates-Bell

I had a friend tell me about the benefits of the Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy, so I ended up finding Mrs. Marie, her expertise in the field is beyond belief! She is very knowledgeable and helpful in the process as well as giving directions and support. As a first timer she guided me in the process and her coaching was exactly what I needed. Her office and equipment is very relaxing and inviting. You will be in disbelief of the excellent customer service that is given from Mrs. Marie, I highly recommend Mrs. Marie to anyone who is considering a Colon Hydrotherapy procedure, I assure you that you are in the best hands ever and you will learn do much as well as have a great support system!
Karon Pender

I recommend you get the super cleansing when visiting the Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center. Mrs. Marie is a Registered Nurse (RN) who is very experienced and very professional. She educates you and makes you very comfortable. Go see her TODAY!!!
Kortney Calano

Mrs. Marie is very kind and welcoming to all her patient. I'm a regular customer and will continue to come for her service while I'm stationed here in the east coast. she has been very supportive and the environment is calming. Her prices are reasonable and fair. She has the best interest of all her patients. All young men come and try it out it is good for you and you'll feel so much better after the treatment. First timers it's ok Mrs. Marie will take care of you and make sure you have a good experience. thank you so much Mrs. Marie can't wait again for the neat treatment.
George S.

A friend suggested I try a colon cleanse. They recommended Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy with Ms. Marie Alphonse.  They have been going to her for some time.  I have to admit I was extremely skeptical.  I had never had one and I was nervous, but I tried it anyway.  It was uncomfortable in the beginning but I was impressed with how comfortable Ms. Marie made me feel.  She helped me to relax and she was extremely professional and very knowledgeable.   Her care to attention and detailed explanation of what I was to expect and how the procedure worked was top notch. I have a daughter who is not yet a teenager, who has been complaining for months about her stomach hurting and I had taken her to doctor after doctor, who only wanted to put a bandage on it and give her medication.  After speaking with Ms. Marie about her condition, she recommended I speak to my daughter's doctor again and explain this procedure and get a prescription for her to have the procedure done.  I am happy to say I did.  It was a challenge to get my daughter started but she also wanted to do it in hopes of feeling better.  Ms. Marie explained everything to her in full detail and she held her hand all the way.  She was extremely patient with my daughter and in the end, my daughter was very happy she had the procedure done.  She said she felt like a new kid and it was the best she felt in a long time.  The next day was the first day in months that my daughter didn't wake up with a stomach ache.  My hat comes off to Ms. Marie.  I recommend this to anyone who feels bloated and just uncomfortable in their cloths and wants a change in their diet and wellness and health.
Charlene P.

I had been wanting to try this for some time. Knowing that I would be traveling from New Orleans to Fredericksburg for business and I would have some time after work, I researched colonic hydrotherapy businesses in the area and found The HoIistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center.  When I arrived, I was greeted by Ms. Marie Alphonse - owner/operator. She was extremely calming and welcoming.
Her studio is operated from her lovely home located in a beautiful neighborhood. There is a separate entrance which opens to a spacious waiting area where you will complete your paperwork. Before we began the procedure Ms. Marie asked me about my diet and described the process in complete detail.
There was no pain. I felt lighter. I also had an unbelievable amount of energy afterwards. It was an incredible experience.
If anyone is going to get this procedure done for the first time, they must go to Ms. Marie. Not only does she know what she is doing, she makes the entire process relaxing, educational and not embarrassing in any way.  - Tracy T.

My experience with the Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center has been life changing! I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING every time I attend my sessions. You receive high quality service and the environment is very relaxing. Marie is a beautiful, caring person, who offers priceless information that helps you with eating healthy and taking care of your body! Thank you Marie, You are indeed Heaven Sent! - Much Love ~ Doreen 🙂 - Doreen Brayboy

I love Ms. Marie and Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring and takes the time to make you feel comfortable as you go through the process. The service is top notch and I am a dedicated repeat customer. - Ted Moffat

I was extremely pleased to have found Marie! She has helped me get back on track with my health so I am able to enjoy life and to have a better future! Marie was so caring and very knowledgeable on how to reach my life long goals! I absolutely LOVE HER!!!! There needs to more stars to rate my experience because she is far by THE BEST!! - Molly Silva

Ms. Marie of Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center has been wonderful to work with. The Center itself is clean and has a very inviting atmosphere. Ms. Marie is most knowledgable and very kind. She explains each step of the process and helps you meet your goals. If you are looking for a Hydrotherapy Center, I highly recommend this one. I am very pleased and as of this posting have had no apparent problems with the proceedure or process.
-"Most Thankful" - Gladys Perkins

For years I had heard about the many benefits of colonics and about 3 months ago I searched for a center and a reputable hydrotherapist in my area. I selected the Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center after researching several centers in the DMV. I struck GOLD!!! I was impressed with the spa like atmosphere, the greeting and demeanor of Ms. Marie, and the entire process. The atmosphere is so relaxing and zenlike you can't help but relax and almost fall asleep in the waiting area. She has truly created a sanctuary. Ms. Marie is the consummate professional at all times yet she is extremely personable and patient. She is an excellent educator and communicator--which I absolutely love. She knows her stuff and she meets you where you are but she definitely motivates and encourages. Ms. Marie is passionate about the service she is providing and is so considerate that she even has a chair lift for clients that may not be able to access the stairs to her entry. As the name states "holistic" Ms. Marie's services and presence has positively impacted my mind, body, and spirit and I'm ecstatic that we have been united in my health. I'm 19 lbs lighter and feel great! I have integrated these treatments into my self maintenance schedule--hair, nails, facials, massages, regular exercise, sensible eating and colon hydrotherapy. - Wanyta Lopez

Highly Recommended
A True Healer After seeking help from all kinds of doctors without any results, I found Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center at just the right time. She helped me understand that the cause of my physical pain was coming from a deeper place. She educated me about how emotional the colon is, and I realized how long I had been holding my emotions there. The first treatment I had, I was able to let go of a lot of that emotional baggage. I got off the table feeling better than I ever had! She made the whole experience easy and comfortable. She is extremely gifted at what she does. She is a spiritual healer, and genuinely cares about her clients well being. After meeting her, my life changed. My energy level has raised, I was able to see life with more clarity. My relationships are more satisfying, and my career is better than ever! I have Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center, to thank for all of the happiness that is in my life.
John in Fredericksburg, VA

The one I can trust
I see why doctors refer to holistic colon hydrotherapy center: I came in on a referral from my doctor, and I can see why so many doctors refer to her. She is very knowledgeable and professional. The cleanliness of the clinic and the high tech systems and her caring demeanor instantly put me at ease and I felt I could trust her with cleansing my colon and my health. She specializes in colon care and it shows. She knows her stuff. Definitely worth the drive."
Pam in Fredericksburg, VA

A unbelievable experience,
I am so grateful that I found Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center and became a client. It has made such a difference in my life. I went to her about a month ago with significant lower back pain, fatigue, and a sense of unclear. I honestly can report today, that my lower back is about 75%25 better. I cannot believe it. The freedom I get from this is priceless, she's approach and genuine caring for me has proven to me that I made the right choice going to her practice. She has taken the time to understand my goals, explained the various consequences of an unhealthy colon, and her attention to detail is unmatched. I feel clear and energized when I leave her office. I am so grateful to her for making such a difference and for providing this critical service in our community!
Joan in Fredericksburg, Va

First I must say how wonderful Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center is, very cozy and Marie makes you feel you are her only patient. She take a lot of time listening to your and going over her suggested treatment without making you pressured in doing anything. You can tell that she really loves making people well. You will definitely get your moneys worth.
Andrae Allison

You deserve the gift of Marie!
As a gift to yourself and your goals of health and well-being, I highly recommend Marie and her wonderful “home spa”. Yes, you have to be willing to think differently than many traditional health practitioners do, but Marie knows her subject and will make you feel very comfortable. You can talk to her and ask her questions about ANYTHING related to hydrotherapy. She’s not embarrassed or surprised and she truly wants to help you. You will become much more aware of what you eat and how it impacts your body – it’s also nice to know that you have someone on your side, supporting you and ready to give help at any time. Marie shares her knowledge and even those of her other customers. We’re like a silent team of like-minded spirits supporting each other through Marie! Please, take the plunge and visit Marie!
Laurie R

I went to Marie right after the holidays fatigued and irregular. My mission for 2014 was to battle the fatigue and irregular bowel movements, but the loss of weight was an added plus. She is very welcoming, accommodating and kind…..her customer service is STELLAR! Marie is not about what she can do for you, but what you can do for yourself. She encourages healthy eating habits…not starve yourself diets. She provides you with alternatives to your regular diet preferences. She is truly sincere in her quest to heal and educate. I went in with the notion of just doing 3 treatments, but after 2 treatments I saw the difference and after the third I opted for 6…..no pressure. I went in weighing 162 lbs…..this morning I am 146 lbs. My stomach that was shaped very round is now flat. I literally watched my stomach flatten from the top down, I sleep better, I am regular again, I do not experience bloating anymore and I have much more energy. I actually have the energy to make it to the gym, which is the ultimate challenge to many. Because of my treatments and the change in my daily menu, the gym finally makes a difference…I actually feel healthy. The treatments take a session or two to get used to, but she will be there to walk you through it. It is nothing painful…just different. Once you realize what you are putting out, you will subconsciously be more mindful of your intake. Please do not hesitate. If you are reading this, you are interested and on the right track. I can go on for hours praising this method of holistic health and Marie, but I am on my way to gym in a sports bra, spandex pants and NO cover-up- t-shirt. Thanks to Marie. Good luck to you…again, you are on the right track.
Jeannie Jones

If you are looking for a hydrotherapy center, please do not hesitate at all to come to Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center (HCHC) serviced by Mrs. Marie Alphonse and here is why: Extremely professional service; extremely clean and peaceful environment; the equipment used is gravity fed so it is gentle with you and it is setup in a way that it is private. About Mrs. Alphonse, she is very courteous, professional, real, caring, genuine. She is an experienced and knowledgeable professional in this field. You can sense and feel that she is there for you. She will explain to you every step of the procedure before you start and then will reiterate each step as it takes place. She will not rush you at all. She truly and genuinely cares for you. I first came to HCHC in June 2013. I was thinking of doing only one session since I have been juice fasting for about eight days and thought that one session was more than enough. Mrs. Alphonse recommended that I do at least a four-session treatment for which I agreed. Well, much to my surprise I was still detoxing on my third and fourth session!! and mind you that I continued my juice fasting during the four session treatment. It was definitely a rude awaking. By doing this four season treatment in June '13 I have felt more vigorous and alert. I am currently, March 2014, doing another four-session treatment companied by juice fasting and my experience with Mrs. Alphonse is still top notched, the best. Between June 2013 and now, I moved further from Mrs. Alphonse to D.C. (60 miles away). But I will not look for another hydrotherapy clinic in DC, I rather drive the 60 miles each way because to me she is worth the drive. Enough said!!! Best luck to you and hope that this review will help you in your search.
Adolfo Nino

I came to know about Miss Marie's colon hydrotherapy center from my mother who has been working with her for months as she receives chemotherapy treatments for cancer. She spoke so highly of Miss Marie that I knew as soon as I came to Fredricksburg that I would have to have a session with her.
Not only is the center elegantly decorated, clean, and extremely professional, most importantly, I felt very safe in this quiet and relaxing sanctuary. Miss Marie is the kind of health practitioner I feel has broken out of the traditional mold in order to give her clients optimal care and healing education. This kind of session would be impossible to receive in a traditional medical establishment. I truly believe compassionate souls like Miss Marie are here to help heal our broken medical system and serve as an example of what private, professional, holistic healthcare can look like.
I have just had my second session at HCHC and I feel amazing. Each time I come I feel invigorated and inspired about taking charge of my own health and empowered by the feedback she gives before, during, and after the sessions. I live in California and sincerely wish that there was a center in my area as wonderful as this.. but there can only be one Miss Marie! You will be very lucky to have a chance to work with such a forward thinking healer with such a diverse skillset. I am so grateful to have found this work she is teaching about. I am 25 years old and feel so confident that the work we are doing know will continue to benefit me as a gift of disease prevention and vibrant health long into my life. Do yourself and your body a huge favor and go see her. It is a wonderful and deeply healing experience.
Shannon Sims

From the first time I spoke with Marie on the phone, I knew she was dedicated to the health of her clients. She took so much time with me before we even met. When I walked into Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center I was greeted with a warm smile and kindness. I felt welcomed and at home. Marie is a ray of sunshine. What struck me the most about Marie is that she is so caring. I felt a level of care I'd never felt in any kind of medical setting before. I knew she was dedicated to helping me move forward in my health. She spoke with me about more than colon health, but life health. She is incredibly knowledgeable. She wanted to help me as a whole person and help me care for my family as well. She welcomed my children and became a special person in their lives as well. She taught me how to feed my children to restore healthy bowel habits in them and also to boost their immune systems. My children adore her. We are greeted with a joyful spirit and hugs and leave full of smiles. It was as I watched Marie not only care for me, but the others that came to her in need as well, that gave me the desire to become certified as a colon hydrotherapist as well. I wanted to help others like Marie has helped me. She is a gem. I couldn't recommend her enough
Ariel Selwyn

Alright I am writing this from a 41 year old man's point of view. First let me say that my wife and I both went to see Marie at the same time. I have read about this treatment before but I was always a little uneasy to have it done for obvious reason. I have to admit that it was one of the best things I have ever done for my body and that is just after one visit. I have another appointment in a couple of days. It's simple and relaxing. I also am more aware of what kinds of foods I am putting into my body now. For as long as I can remember I had a lump under my sternum. It was there for so many years I just though it was part of my body and how I was built. After on session its now gone. I don't know what it was but I'm sure I watched it go down the drain. Thank You Marie
Craig Richardson

Marie is very professional and personable. She has a very clean facility and it is a very calming and soothing environment. She makes you feel very comfortable and takes away any uneasiness you may feel. She is very knowlegegable and very informative. She walks you through everything with regards to the procedure so you understand what is going on.
Troy Cheatham

I am a 45 year old male who has been experiencing many different health issues. I have been suffering from back pain, headaches, inflammation in my joints and restlessness. I have had 2 sessions and it has helped tremendously, both times I had left her facility 8 1/2 pounds lighter. I have been sleeping better at night and feeling much better and energetic. I recommend that more men should try the procedure to contribute to the longevity of good health.
If you are looking to get this procedure done, I would defenitly recommend Marie's facility. You will not be disappointed.
A Google User

I had been to a couple of other places to get my colon clean. However, I must say Marie's by far has the best bed side manner. She will sit down with you and go over your concerns and make you feel at easy before your treatment. Your first visit she will stay with you to ease any nervousness and to answer any of your concerns. Her place is handicap accessible, and that was great for me. I have had six sessions, and I feel great.
Thanks, Marie
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I was recommended colonic hydrotherapy to address a bowel problem and found Practitioner Marie Alphonse in Fredericksburg, VA. What an treasure she is!
Marie's mission is to improve the health of her clients through knowledge, understanding, and colon health. She carefully explains the procedure, what to expect during the sessions, and the many health benefits of colon cleansing. She is also an expert in nutrition and herbs.
Marie's calm and gentle manner relaxes and reassures the most nervous client.
After 9 weekly treatments, my bowel disorder has vanished. I enjoy less belly bloat, thinner thighs (and looser pants) and my color has improved to a healthy glow. My friends say I look radiant!
Regularly scheduled colon cleanses will definitely be part of my health maintenance routine.
Thank you, Marie!
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