We recognize the importance of whole person health--mind, body, and spirit. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle, and very powerful way of cleansing and detoxifying our body's system with filtered purified water. This effective modality can assist with nearly everyone in their personal health journey. The fast-pace lifestyle we live today is tough on our digestive system. We are constantly putting the wrong foods in our bodies, stressing and overtaxing our natural defenses and weakening our immune system. Here at HCHC we believe that internal cleansing is the foundation to a healthy body.

Purpose of Colon Hydrotherapy

1. Removal of toxic material
2. Used in preparation of lower bowel examination: colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, surgery, prior to endoscopy, pre-operative prep procedure, and after barium x-ray.


Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Center is owned by Marie Carole Alphonse, a BSN, Registered Nurse and I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Mrs. Alphonse has created this center to help people have a happy, quality life with a healthy colon.
Mrs. Alphonse is passionate about colon cleansing because she sees the benefits it brings to many people's health.
HCHC uses the FDA-approved Angel of Water Surround device--a gravity-fed open system designed to promote evacuation of the lower bowel.  This state-of-the-art device is very comfortable, gentle and safe.
Lower bowel cleansing assists health, vitality, and wellness. The procedure provides assistance with constipation, diarrhea, acute fecal impaction, colitis, mucus colitis, diverticulosis, parasitic infections, atonic colon, bowel stimulation and bowel training in par/quadriplegics, flatulence or bloating, mild hemorrhoids, intestinal toxemia, and nutrient supplementation.
HCHC is dedicated to helping patients live a happy, healthy life with a healthy colon.